Inspection Requirements and Standards for Rated Load of Chinese Truck Cranes

I. Inspection requirements of Chinese truck cranes:

1. Inspection should be carried out twice at the lowest speed and the highest speed under the premise of ensuring safety and stable crane operation.

2. When checking the truck crane according to the above working conditions, determine the pressure or current of the hydraulic system (electric truck crane) in the working process of each mechanism.

3. When inspecting the larger rated load, any movable leg of the truck crane should not leave the ground or loosen. It is required that the rotary mechanism be able to reliably control the slip.

4. The boom telescoping mechanism has the corresponding load telescoping ability. The program of each boom telescoping is normal and not disorderly. For truck cranes with gravity descending mechanism, the gravity descending inspection of specified loads should also be carried out.

5.The inspection results are recorded in the corresponding forms for archiving.

II. Inspection Standards

1. The handle should be flexible and reliable.

2. No relative rotation of connecting pin shaft between boom and amplitude hydraulic cylinder

3. There is no abnormal vibration and noise when the mechanism and system work.

4. Safety Indicator is sensitive, accurate and reliable

5. The brake is thoroughly loosened and the brake is reliable.

6. The hydraulic system of the outrigger has no leakage and the outrigger is flexible to retract and release.