Introduction of Main Structure of Truck Mounted Crane

Truck mounted crane mainly consists of boom, telescopic mechanism, amplitude-changing mechanism, rotary mechanism, leg and force-taking device.

1. Truck mounted crane boom and its telescopic mechanism.
The boom is composed of a polygonal arm section, and the second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth arms are driven by the telescopic mechanism to slide in the basic arm.

The telescopic mechanism consists of five double-acting single-stage cylinders and their supports. The telescopic cylinder is equipped with a balancing valve, which ensures that the telescopic arm can smoothly expand and contract and prevent the boom from colliding due to external force retraction in case of accidental rupture of the hose.

2. Truck-mounted crane/car-mounted crane truck luffing mechanism.
The luffing mechanism is pushed by the variable amplitude cylinder to adjust the elevation angle of the boom and cooperate with the telescopic expansion mechanism to change the working range.

The variable amplitude cylinder is equipped with a balancing valve to ensure the smoothing of the variable amplitude movement and control the speed of the variable amplitude movement to prevent accidents in case the hydraulic hose is accidentally broken.

The first luffing mechanism is driven by the first luffing cylinder for adjusting the angle of the inner arm, and the second luffing mechanism is driven by the second luffing cylinder for adjusting the angle of the outer arm relative to the inner arm.

3. Truck-mounted crane/carriage lifting truck slewing support and slewing mechanism.
The inner ring of the slewing ring, the outer ring and the middle clamp are composed of a wear-resistant steel ball, the inner ring is fixed on the fixed leg, the outer ring is fixed with the turret of the crane, and the outer ring is driven to rotate by the slewing mechanism.

The slewing mechanism consists of a hydraulic motor and a slewing reducer that can drive the turret to rotate continuously.

4. Truck-mounted crane/ truck crane transport mechanism.
The operating mechanism is mainly composed of upper and lower vehicle control valves and a joystick mounted on both sides of the frame. On the mounting bracket of the handle, there are indications of the actions of the hydraulic actuators and the direction of their movements, and the operator should according to the corresponding position. The instructions of the sign are operated.

5. Truck-mounted crane/lorry crane outriggers.
The leg portion includes a front fixed leg box and a front movable leg, and a rear fixed box and a rear movable leg. The movable leg is composed of a horizontal leg, a vertical leg cylinder and a vertical leg turning mechanism.

6. Truck mounted crane’s power take-off device.
The power take-off device is mainly composed of a power take-off device, a connecting shaft, a gear pump, etc. The power of the engine is transmitted to the power take-off through the clutch and the gearbox, and the power take-off transmits power to the oil pump through the connecting shaft, and the oil pump outputs hydraulic oil to drive each hydraulic pressure. Executive agency.

The engagement and disengagement of the power take-off is controlled by a manual air valve at the lower left of the driver’s seat in the cab. When lifting work is required, the engine is first started, the clutch pedal is depressed, and then the manual air valve is rotated to the power take-off position. Then slowly release the clutch pedal, then the power take-off is engaged and the oil pump works. After the lifting operation is completed, the clutch pedal is depressed and the manual air valve is turned to the disengaged position even if the oil pump is out of the force take-off state.