KAMA 16 Tons Truck Crane Component

KAMA 16 TON truck crane can be divided into two parts, boarding and alighting, i.e. boarding operation part and alighting base support part.

1. Departure base support: including the chassis and frame legs which can be driven on the road, and the chassis also provides power for boarding operation through the central revolving body.

2. Rotary mechanism: including rotary support, rotary reducer and rotary hydraulic system to achieve 360 degree full rotation on boarding.

3. Amplitude-changing mechanism: It consists of an amplitude-changing cylinder and a amplitude-changing hydraulic system.

4. Lifting mechanism: It consists of hoisting reducer, hoisting wire rope and hoisting hydraulic system.

5. Telescopic mechanism: It consists of telescopic cylinder and telescopic hydraulic system.

6. Auxiliary system: turntable, counterweight, boarding room, electrical control or lighting system, etc.