Knowledge of Tuck Mounted Crane

There are only a lot of questions and answers about the crane. Today, I have collected four knowledge questions and answers for you, so that you can have a closer understanding of the crane.

I. which is better for the crane with the same size, the folding arm type or the retractable type?

For cranes of the same tonnage and brand, on the basis of economy, the telescopic boom crane is cheaper than the folding boom crane. In terms of operation, the telescopic boom crane is simpler than the folding boom crane.

II. What are the brands of crane attached to the truck?

The brand of crane with car mainly includes: XCMG, SANY, Liyue, Unic, etc., and the chassis mainly includes: Dongfeng, JAC, JMC, Shacman, T King, etc.

III. What is the calculation of car crane rental?

The car crane is generally rented according to the time, and the rental price varies according to the tonnage. For example: the 10 ton or so is generally 500-800 per hour (less than one hour is charged by one hour).

IV. how much is the world’s largest on-board crane?
Sany developed a 3000 ton crane at the beginning of this year, but the arm of the experiment just broke, so it didn’t dare to disclose to the outside world. Now the world’s largest tonnage crane is 3200 tons, which was successfully developed by Zoomlion in May this year The biggest one is not a crane, but a crawler crane.