Lifting Weight and Distance Meter of 16 TON Crane

The theoretical tonnage of 16-TON truck crane multiplied by 3, and then divided by the weight of the main crane, the weight can be obtained by dividing the distance, but the actual capacity of the crane can not reach the calculated results, and the weight of the main arm and the weight of the hook should also be calculated.

Commonly used steel ropes for cranes are phosphating coated steel rope, galvanized steel rope, stainless steel wire rope or plastic coated steel wire rope, which are used in atmospheric environment. The manganese phosphating coated steel rope produced by patented technology has the longest service life.

The fatigue life of phosphating coated steel wire rope is 3-4 times that of smooth steel wire rope, and the corrosion resistance is optimized in heavy corrosion environment. Hot-dip galvanized-phosphated double-coated wire rope with outstanding force and smooth wire rope are being eliminated for reference only.

The characteristic curve of the crane reflects the law that the lifting capacity of the crane varies with the arm length and amplitude, and the curve that the maximum lifting height of the crane varies with the arm length and amplitude, which becomes the characteristic curve of the crane. At present, the characteristic curves of some large cranes have been quantified into tabular form, which is called characteristic curve table. It is the basis for selecting cranes.