Lorry Crane FAQ and Introduction

1. Q: What are the brands of truck mounted crane?
    A: The brand of lorry crane includes: XCMG, Shimei, Zoomlion, Unic, Sany Palfinger etc. The chassis mainly includes: Dongfeng, JAC, JMC, Shacman, HOWO, T King etc.

2. Q: What brand of truck mounted crane is good?
    A: It’s not the same brand to choose the crane. It’s a refitted car. The crane is divided into three parts: the chassis part, the crane part and the cargo box part.
   (1) Dongfeng, JAC, JMC, Shacman, HOWO, T King etc.
   (2) XCMG crane, Sany Palfinger lorry crane, Unic truck crane, Zoomlion mobile truck crane etc
   (3) The container is refitted by a qualified enterprise.

3. Q: How long can the lorry crane flatbed be?
     A: 3, 4, 5 Tons lorry crane flatbed length is generally 3-6M;
          5, 6.3, 8 Tons lorry crane flatbed length is generally 5.8-6M;
          8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 20 Tons lorry crane flatbed length is generally 7.5-8.5M;

4. Q: Is there any difference between truck crane and lorry crane?
     A: Yes, the lorry crane, also known as the truck crane transport vehicle, is the perfect combination of freight cars and cranes, lifting transport in one go.
The truck crane refers to a lifting platform on the truck platform, which has no cargo carrying function, but is responsible for lifting and cannot carry out cargo transportation.

5. Q: Is there a tipper crane?
    A: Generally, the truck mounted crane is equipped with its own cargo box without self unloading function. But the customized crane can be equipped with self unloading function, of course, the synchronous strength of the cargo box should also be strengthened.

6.Q: “8 Tons” in the 8 tons truck mounted crane refers to whether the maximum lifting capacity is 8 tons or the load limit is 8 tons?
    A: The maximum lifting capacity of the 8-ton truck crane is 8 tons.

7. Q: What can 3 tons lorry crane carry?
    A: 3 Tons truck mounted crane is used for landscaping, small construction site, electric power company, etc,

8. Q: What do you mean by the boom sections?
     A: Truck mounted crane has two, three, four, five, six sections, all of which can be retracted when not working.