Lorry Crane Maintenance

Parking brake is often called handbrake. Its professional name is auxiliary brake.
The truck crane is one of the special vehicles. Today, take the truck crane as an example to talk about the inspection and maintenance of the handbrake.

Check the performance of the handbrake, put the crane on the slope with large gradient and good road condition, step on the brake, shift to neutral, pull the handbrake handle to the determined working point position, and then slowly release the brake pedal. If the vehicle does not slide, it means that the performance of the handbrake is good, and the uphill and downhill shall be tested.

Like the foot brake pedal, the handbrake handle has a pull stroke. Generally, when the handle is pulled to 70% of the whole stroke, the handbrake system should be in the normal braking position. Therefore, before checking the braking capacity of the handbrake, the 70% working point should be found out first, which can be determined by the sound of ratchet wheel. You can park the truck crane in a quiet place, slowly pull up the handbrake, pull and count the click of ratchet until the handle is pulled to the end. Then calculate the 70% position of the total noise, which is the effective working point of the handbrake handle.

There are also recovery springs used with the handbrake. When the handbrake is pulled up, the spring is stretched; when the handbrake is released, the spring returns to its original length, so the handbrake will be deformed if it is used for a long time. We must use the handbrake reasonably and correctly, so as to ensure the good use effect of the handbrake.

Summary: no matter what kind of vehicle, as long as it has parking brake, it should be checked and maintained frequently.