Main Reasons and Solutions for Automatic Flameout of Small Cranes

Nowadays, the heavy industry is developing very fast. Small cranes are used in many places, but usually we often see the phenomenon of small cranes stalling. Today, we invite professional people to analyze the causes for us:

1. Water content and impurities in diesel oil, insufficient supply capacity of gas or oil pump in oil pipeline, poor performance and damage, etc.

There is air in the oil pipeline, which will make the oil transportation unobstructed, intermittent, and cause engine stalling. In this case, it is necessary to tighten the pipe joints or replace the sealing rings in the oil pipeline, cut off the passage of air into the oil pipeline, and then discharge the air in the oil pipeline.

If it is suspected that water or impurities in diesel oil will cause the diesel engine to shut down automatically, the diesel oil in the tank can be discharged completely, and the fuel tank, fuel pipe and filters should be cleaned. Special attention should be paid to the blockage during cleaning.  

2. The acceleration pedal and its tie rod system have not been adjusted properly.  

Firstly, check whether the load control rod on the governor relies on the idle limit screw after releasing the acceleration pedal. If not, remove the control rod from the load control rod and hold it by hand. If the idle speed meets the requirements, it shows that the acceleration pedal has not been adjusted properly, it must be adjusted anew.

If the original speed is very good, the idle spring should be checked first to see if it has broken. The side cover of the fuel injection pump can be opened to observe the movement of the rack. When the load control rod is positioned against the idle limit screw, the rack moves in the direction of oil reduction, if it does not decrease with the speed of the diesel engine.

The lower the sound, the rack does not go back, even until the diesel engine stalls, and the rack does not move back, which can be initially identified as idle spring breakage. The cover plate of the rear end of the governor can be detached for inspection to see if it is broken. If the spring breaks or the elasticity decreases, the failure can be eliminated by replacing the new spring that meets the requirements.

3. The idle spring of governor, stabilizer spring and idle limit screw of load control rod have not been adjusted or adjusted improperly. The exclusion is to adjust the three to make them coordinate.