Maintenance Method of Hydraulic System of Dongfeng 12 Ton Crane

Hydraulic system is the key component of the crane. The maintenance of the hydraulic system is related to the performance and service life of the crane. The crane is powered by hydraulic pressure and has various hydraulic devices. Therefore, if the operation and maintenance rules are not strictly observed, it is not only impossible to give full play to its due performance, but also shorten the service life of the parts.

In carrying out the operation, the following matters must be observed in earnest.

Before operation, it should be determined by the level window of the tank whether the hydraulic oil is adequately added in accordance with the regulations and below the prescribed lines, then it must be supplemented. When refueling, it must be injected through the refueling filter, and pay great attention not to mix different brands of oil or water and other impure characteristics. After 250 hours of operation, the filter element of oil filter should be inspected and cleaned or replaced if necessary.

Various valves of the hydraulic system have been fully tested before they leave the factory, and the pressure and flow have been adjusted, so they must not be touched at will. All kinds of machine parts, especially the devices of hydraulic system, must not be fouled. After operation, dust and oil must be cleaned up.

After long-term work, some condensate water and sediment will be produced, which should be discharged regularly once a month.