Maintenance of Crane Structure

1. The structural parts are the skeleton support of the truck mounted crane. In addition to the maintenance of dust removal and cleaning of the surface, it is also necessary to observe whether the appearance of each component is deformed, worn and whether the weld bead is cracked when wiping.

If any problem is found, it can be reported for repair in time to minimize the coefficient of dangerous accidents.

2. The connection of structural parts relies on several key hinge shafts. The lubrication degree of them should be checked frequently to keep the mobility between the parts and prevent the seizure. If the shaft is rusted inside, it will be locked with the structural parts, which will have a non detachable result.

Therefore, the hinge shaft shall be lubricated regularly, and the lubricating oil shall be injected at a certain pressure until the lubricating oil overflows from the two connecting parts. After the oil is added, each joint should be operated several times, and then add more oil.

3. The relative moving surfaces between the structural members also need to be lubricated, such as between the movable legs and between the telescopic arms.

Because there is friction between components and lack of lubricating oil, the friction resistance will be increased, causing abnormal noise, chattering and shaking, damaging the surface of structural parts, reducing the service life. Check the wear condition of the sliding block between the extension arms at regular intervals to see whether the sliding block is worn or excessively loose, so that the extension arms cannot be kept in the same straight line.

Moreover, the rubber knife must be used before applying new lubricating oil Scrape off the old butter and apply a layer of butter to the whole outer surface of the extension arm with a brush.

For the maintenance of the crane structure, many owners may neglect it. In fact, the maintenance of any vehicle needs to be comprehensive, so that the vehicle can maintain good performance and use for a longer time.