Matters Needing Attention before Supporting Legs of 12 Ton Crane

Matters needing attention before supporting legs of 12 tons crane:

1. Familiar with legged console, handle and its functions.

2. Start the internal combustion engine at a low speed for a period of time, wait for the water temperature and oil temperature to be normal, then engage the hydraulic pump power extractor, drive the hydraulic pump to start working. After checking the hydraulic system without leakage and normal oil pressure, the crane can carry out leg hitting operation.

3. The inspection wheeled cranes should not be parked on seepage wells or air shelters, or near soft and inclined ground, retaining walls and high-pressure lines for lifting operations. If they must be operated in such sites, safety measures should be taken.

4. Put the gearbox in neutral position, hang the parking brake, and hang the axle with the stabilizer before hitting the leg.
Operation azimuth of 12-ton crane


(a) Lifting operations in the rear, left and right areas shall be specified in the table of lifting characteristics.

(b) When the lifting arm is hoisted in the range of 360 degrees, in order to ensure the safety of the work, the fifth leg must be stretched out according to the requirements, and the loads should be operated according to the load specified in the lifting characteristic table. Heavy objects should be avoided to rise and fall above the cab in order to prevent accidents from damaging the cab. Usually, the hoisting operation should be avoided as far as possible in the front work area.
(c) Before the fifth leg is in place, lifting operations in the front area are strictly prohibited, and the lifting arm is strictly prohibited from turning to the front area in the extended state.