Measures to Prevent Overturning of Truck Crane

1. Vertical and large components must be weighted and tied reliably. Components with unknown weight and improper binding shall not be lifted to prevent the breakage of the truck mounted crane arm rod.

2. In the process of hoisting, if the operation is interrupted due to blackouts or mechanical faults, measures must be taken to deal with them, and the long lifting of components should not be suspended.

3. When lifting components, the suspension rope should be kept perpendicular, and should not be inclined towed beyond the crane’s turning radius, so as to avoid overload and slippage or breakage of the wire rope, so as to destabilize the crane. Overload hoisting is strictly prohibited for cranes in order to avoid accelerating wear and tear of mechanical parts and causing overturning of cranes.

4. When hoisting, special personnel shall be responsible for the unified command. Commander should be located in the operator’s visual acuity and be able to clearly see the whole process of hoisting. The mobile crane driver must be familiar with the signals, operate according to the various signals of the commander, follow the on-site procedures, obey the orders and obey the command, and shall not leave his post without authorization. Command signals should be uniformly stipulated in advance, and the signals should be clear and accurate.

5. The road traveled by the Chinese mini crane must be smooth, firm and reliable, and the parking place must be flat. The underground soft soil layer and foundation pit should be compacted and strengthened. The road surface should be flat and solid. If necessary, the traveling part of the crane should be paved with sleepers, subgrade boxes or thick steel plate tracks.

6. The truck mounted cranes should avoid running at full load as far as possible. When they are at or near full load, lifting and turning (hoisting and horizontal movement or hoisting and walking) are strictly prohibited, so as not to cause crane overload due to uneven road or inertia force, and cause overturning accidents.

7. The suspension ropes and rings for binding components shall be calculated. The lifting tools used shall be repaired and checked regularly, and the damaged persons shall be exchanged. The binding method should be correct and reliable in order to prevent the sling from breaking or slipping from the component during hoisting, so that the lorry crane suddenly loses weight and overturns.

8. When two small mobile truck cranesare working at the same time, the safety distance between the suspended components of the two lifting hooks should be more than 5 meters to avoid collision.