Operation Process and Matters Need Attention of XCMG Truck Mounted Crane

XCMG has so many models truck mounted crane, such as SQS157B, SQS200II,SQS300V, ,SQS400I, SQS500A, SQ2SK1Q, SQ2SK2Q, SQ3.2SK1Q, SQ4SK2Q, SQ4SK3Q, SQ5SK2Q, SQ5SK3Q, SQ6.3SK2Q, SQ6.3SK3Q, SQ8SK3Q, SQ10SK3Q,SQ12SK3Q, SQ12SK3Q-II, SQ14SK4Q, SQ16SK4Q, and so on.

Liyue Machinery Co., Ltd. provides the operation process and precautions of XCMG truck mounted crane/ lorry crane, comprehensively and accurately introduces the operation steps of the on-board crane, in order to avoid misoperation and affect the service life of the crane.

XCMG truck crane lorry crane operation steps:

  1. Observe the operating environment of XCMGtruck cranetruck mounted crane, select the appropriate angle for lifting operation, ensure that there is enough space for the left and right legs to be fully opened, and stop the car at a suitable position from the cargo according to the weight of the cargo;
  2. Start the car and hang thePTOto make the power take-off work. The specific operation is to step on the clutch, put the shifting handle in the neutral position, start the car, observe the air pressure value, and when it reaches 0.5-.06Mpa, it will take The manual air valve is pulled out, and the clutch is slowly released, and the clutch is in working state;
  3. The crane can be used to perform the operation of the legs and booms after completing the inspection before the XCMG truck crane operation;
  4. Pull the selection valve to the position of the leg on the sign, perform the leg operation, open the active leg locking device, and extend the left and right horizontal leg according to the corresponding indicator of the operating lever, and the left and right vertical leg cylinders are extended to ensure the leg. Fully deployed to support the crane;
  5. After the leg cylinder supports the crane, the selector valve is pulled to the position of the crane on the sign, and the lifting operation is carried out by the crane.

Precautions before operation of XCMG truck mounted crane/ lorry crane:

  1. Before using the crane, it is necessary to ensure that the leg cylinder is fully opened and locked. The leg cylinder touches the ground and can not make the car suspended. All the wheels of the car must land.
  2. Before switching on the toggle, check whether the control handle is in the middle. If the handle is not in the middle, restore it to the middle.
  3. Check whether the globe valve on the hydraulic tank is open or not. If it is not opened, it must be opened. Check the amount of oil in the tank. The level of oil must not be higher or lower than the maximum or minimum mark.
  4. Ensure that the vehicle has enough fuel to avoid power interruption in the process of operation, and check whether the battery pack is normal, so as to ensure that it can start at any time when power interruption occurs.
  5. Before using the crane, check whether the safety device of the crane works properly.
  6. Check the whole power pipeline without any oil leakage or pressure loss.

Precautions in the operation of XCMG truck crane:

  1. Operation and lifting of heavy objects should be on the same side to ensure proper viewing angle and operational safety;
  2. Properly deploy and use the crane according to the corresponding logo of the operating lever.
  3. When the hook is lowered, at least 3 turns of wire rope should be kept on the reel;
  4. When the outer wire of the wire rope wears up to 10% of its diameter, the wire rope should be scrapped;
  5. Before lifting the cargo, the weight of the cargo must be estimated. This value is compared with the rated load on the lifting torque and the line from the point of decline of the cargo is calculated.

Steps after XCMG’s truck crane operation:

  1. Pull the selector valve to the position of the leg on the label;
  2. Put the locking assembly rod into the open state and open the movable leg locking device;
  3. According to the operation instructions, the left and right vertical legs and the horizontal legs are retracted;
  4. After each movable leg is contracted by a few centimeters, it is required to be pulled back to the locked state, and then the movable leg is contracted into position, and the locking assembly rod is automatically embedded and locked;
  5. Turn off the power take-off;
  6. Turn off the power.

Note on XCMG’s operation with the crane:

  1. Make sure that the active legs are fully retracted and check that the locking assembly is locked;
  2. After the work is completed, disconnect the hydraulic pump from the power take-off device. After the operation is completed, check whether the joysticks are automatically reset. If the handle is not in the neutral position, return it to the neutral position.