Pay Attention When Operating the 10 Tons Lorry Crane Legs

  • Be careful of heavy objects falling
  • Be careful of the wire
  • Attention obstacles

The hydraulic support leg of the crane is a support structure in which the device can be folded or retracted on the frame. The legs of the car’s folding arm can be divided into two types: manual and hydraulic distribution.

Manually distributed legs are now rare, and most car cranes use hydraulic legs. The hydraulic leg operation process is as follows:

1. Lift the confirmation pin up.

2. Folding arm hanging leg brackets extend.

3. Move the distribution rods used to align the legs together to the “EXT” position.

4. Further pull the jib boom leg out and gradually determine it in the center. Assuming that the jib legs are coming out, repeat the first and second steps until they are properly pulled out.

5. Assuming that the vehicle is tilted laterally, the folding arm lifting distribution rod should be moved in time to balance the vehicle recovery. Note: In addition to pulling out or pushing into the leg frame, it is necessary to determine the leg frame with a certain pin.

6. When the front wheel of the car is 2~3cm away from the ground, the leg distribution rod will be moved from the head to the center position. When operating the jib boom lifting arm in the “leading” area, the front leg should be extended until the front wheel is quietly grounded, so that the crane will achieve better stability.