Precautions before Crane Operation

After the 12-ton truck crane driver arrives at the hoisting site, the truck should be parked 20 meters away from the hoisting point.

After getting off the train, communicate fully with the person in charge of the lifting party. Three questions must be asked:
1. How much is the cargo?
2. From where to where?
3. Is the ground firm?

If you know the three answers, you will know how to put the crane, side or rear, with several times the rope, how long arm, how much lift, at this time you should have a few in mind.

At this time, we can’t drive the car over and crane it immediately.

1. Look at the length, width and height of the cargo, which is not an irregular object, solid or hollow, whether there is liquid or solidified cement inside the hollow (a lot of lifting solid cement tank dumped), touch what material with your hands, afraid of rubbing and scratching, wire rope or nylon suspension belt, suspension point is probably where.

2. See if there are high-voltage wires or other obstacles in the air. If there are high-voltage wires, the safe distance between the top of the crane and the high-voltage wires is 8.5 meters for 500 kilovolts, 6 meters for 35 to 220 kilovolts, and 3 meters for 1 to 20 kilovolts.

3. Whether the ground is firm or not, whether there is a drainage or hollow caused by collapse below. Hollow ground, no amount of money will be suspended.
After completing the above three points, try to reverse the car in, using side or rear suspension, not to have to do the front suspension, because the front of the effort point is very small, the fifth leg is better, there are not many folding frames of the fifth foot.