Preparation of Truck Crane before Driving

Truck Crane Chassis

The following items should be inspected before driving, and abnormalities should be eliminated promptly.

A) Check the integrity of the vehicle, whether the oil, water sufficient, the joints of oil pipe, gas pipe, water pipe leaking

B) Check whether the tire pressure meets the requirements, the tire is damaged or not.

C) Check whether the battery posts are secure or not.

D) Check whether the instruments, lights, signals, wipers and other work is normal or not.

E) Check whether the steering system, brake system components are flexible, safe, reliable or not.

F) Check whether Steering shaft universal joint bolts, leaf spring bolts, hub bolts, etc. are reliable, and the leaf springs are broken or not.

G) Check whether there is water in the air reservoir or not.

Truck Crane Upper Parts

A) It is forbidden to sit in the control room when the crane is running.

B) Fully retract the boom to its original position, accurately place the jib, hook, etc. on the specified position. The entire boom is placed on the bracket behind the cab, the hooks are connected with the small hook by the use of lifting ring, and fixed with a pressure plate.

a) Keep the brake of the slewing mechanism in braking state

b) Keep the brake of the hoisting mechanism in braking state

c) Retract the outriggers completely

d) Release the PTO switch, lock the control room.