Reasons for Non-rotation of Crane Drive Shaft

The power take-off device of automobile crane is composed of power take-off device and gear pump. Generally, compressed air is used to drive the fork to engage the gears and output power.

When the power take-off switch installed in the cab is opened, if it is found that the transmission shaft of the hydraulic pump Takes-Off force does not rotate and makes abnormal noise, the reasons for its failure are generally as follows:

(1) Insufficient air pressure;

(2) Blockage of gas pipeline;

(3) Solenoid valve malfunction.

Check whether the sub-box cylinder and the sub-box synchronizer are in neutral, that is to say, confirm whether the sub-box is in neutral, whether the air pressure at the back end of the sub-box cylinder is 0.8 MPa, if the air pressure is low, it may not be in neutral;

Check whether the power take-off is in gear. When the power take-off switch is turned on, if the air pressure at the back end of the cylinder of the power take-off is not in gear, then the drive shaft of the power take-off does not turn. Check from the top, and focus on the gas path.