Reasons for T King Truck Crane High Temperature of Hydraulic Oil

The optimum working temperature of hydraulic oil for T King truck crane is 40 degrees. Some fire-resistant hydraulic oils do not ignite up to 400 degrees. But when the temperature exceeds 60 degrees, the deterioration rate of hydraulic oil begins to increase exponentially. Therefore, if the cooling system is not good, it is better to stop cooling when the temperature is above 60 degrees.

For cranes, when the temperature of hydraulic oil is 50 – 80 C, the viscosity, lubricity and wear resistance of hydraulic oil are in the best state, and the working efficiency is the highest. When the temperature of hydraulic oil exceeds 95 C, the efficiency of crane decreases, the action is inaccurate and slow, and the crane can not work seriously.

The reasons for the high temperature of hydraulic oil of T King truck crane and its disposal methods are as follows:

1. The small diameter of the return pipe results in large oil return resistance. It is suggested that the diameter of the return pipe be increased to reduce the return resistance.

2. Raise the pressure of hydraulic oil and reduce the flow rate of hydraulic oil. At present, the flow rate in the hydraulic pipe is high, which causes the friction force of the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic pipe or cylinder to be large and forms the heat source.

3. Increase the cooling device of hydraulic tank. Adding a set of cooling devices, such as circulating water cooling, air cooling, etc.