Reasons for the Uneven Arrangement of Wire Ropes

Through practical test and analysis, we believe that the main reasons for the irregular arrangement of crane wire rope are as follows:

1. The lowest layer of wire rope is not tightly arranged, and there is a gap between the rope rings. When the tension of the wire rope is large, every two layers of the wire rope will be squeezed into the gap between the bottom rope rings, resulting in irregular arrangement of the subsequent layers. There is a gap between the circles on the second floor. With the tension, extrusion and deformation of the wire rope, the gap between the rope rings may also increase. It aggravates the trend of irregular arrangement of crane wire rope.

2. When the air hook is hoisted, when the wind load is large, the wire rope between the drum and the guide pulley is subjected to the lateral force perpendicular to the wire rope. Under the action of this force, the wire rope will oscillate. When the force is large enough, the wire rope will pile up and cause irregular arrangement.

3. During construction, because of the solidification of sludge in pulley groove, the movement resistance of wire rope is increased, and the drop of hook is slower than the release speed of wire rope, which leads to the loosening of rope ring on the drum and the confusion of the arrangement of wire rope.

If there is rope disorder at work, you can also find a few good masters to re-install for you to try, at the same time to avoid the above causes of rope disorder of small crane winch.