Repair scheme for small truck crane support arm slide

We need to repair in time when we encounter the wear of small crane slides, but we should pay attention to the selection of suitable materials for transformation before the implementation of the repair plan.

The details are as follows:

1. When repairing and trimming the wear parts of the crane slide, we can use 12mm manganese steel plate as the support seat plate in order to provide sufficient support force. According to the shape and size requirements of the slide, cutting and welding are carried out.

2. Considering the strength and wear resistance required for the replaceable slider, we can choose manganese steel as the base material. According to the shape and size requirements of the slide, the slider of 250mm width 45mm height and 12mm height is finally processed.

3. In order to improve the mounting stability and replaceability of the slider. We can make a groove design (2mm) that fits into the slider at the corresponding position on the support seat plate, and three holes with a diameter of 12mm on the support plate and the slider. The block hole is tapped and fastened to the support plate by bolts. The positioning, fixing and convenient replacement of the slider are realized by the groove and the bolt fastening.