Replacement and Supplement of Truck Crane Oil

1. Truck Mounted Crane Hydraulic Oil

(1) 12 Ton mobile crane manufacturer oil changing cycle: The new car will change crane oil for 3 months. After that, it will be filtered or changed every 6 months. The hydraulic oil should not be used for more than 24 months, even if it is filtered.

(2) If the pollution of hydraulic oil is serious, it should be replaced even if the oil change cycle is not reached.

(3) Check truck crane oil level regularly, if the oil level is below the prescribed value, it should be supplemented.

2. Gear oil

(1) Oil change cycle: The new truck crane changes oil every 3 months, and then every 12 months.

(2) If it is found that gear oil is seriously polluted, it should be replaced even if the oil change cycle is not reached.

(3) Check the truck crane oil level regularly. If oil level is low, it should be supplemented.

(4) Gear oil is L-CLD (GL-4) 85w/90 for gearbox and drive axle, and L-CKD220 for hoisting mechanism and rotary mechanism.

3. Lubricating grease

(1)Weekly Maintenance Points:
A: Main Arm Lower Surface
B: Rotary Bearing and Gear
C: Leg Disk
D: Main Arm Upper Surface
E: Main Arm Two Side Surface
F: Pulley and Pulley Set

(2)Main points of monthly maintenance:
A: Main and auxiliary hooks
B: Drive shaft
C: Whole vehicle wire rope
D: Boom and cylinder fulcrum pin

4. Hydrostatic Oil
(1) The injection volume of hydrostatic oil for Chinese small truck crane is about 2.5KG.
(2) The static pressure oil needed for the on-board throttle should be sufficient when it leaves the factory. If the amount of oil needed is supplemented, Please add KF-01 brake fluid.
(3) Attention: Different types of brake fluid should not be mixed.