Replacement Method of Truck Crane Wire Rope

The wire rope as a vulnerable part will wear out gradually over time. Please replace it in time according to the following standards.

1) The wire rope has been cut off by more than 10%. 

2) The diameter was reduced by more than 7% of the standard diameter.

3) When the wire rope is twisted.

4) The wire rope is seriously deformed or corroded.

Please check the state of the wire rope according to the following items.

1) Inspection of Lubricant on Wire Rope

2) The wire rope should be wedged in a wedge, mounted on the jib, and the wedge arrow is pointing outwards, and the wire rope is clamped with two wire rope clips.

3) When winding the wire rope, adjust it in the following order

  1.  Please fully extend the boom
  2.  Please lift the boom up to 65 degrees
  3.  Please do not load in the boom
  4.  Please confirm the number of windings of the wire rope
  5.  Please remove the wedge sleeve to loosen the wire rope kink several times
  6.  Please assemble the wire rope, wedge sleeve, etc.