Run-in Period Inspection and Maintenance

Run-in period inspection and maintenance

The lifting operation part shall be checked and maintained as follows after 200 hours of lifting operation.

  1. Check gears meshing in each box, such as lifting, turning, etc., replace the lubricating oil, and clean the box;
  2. Discharge the hydraulic oil, clean the hydraulic oil tank, replace the filter element, filter or replace the hydraulic oil;
  3. Clean the dust and oil in the whole machine. Check whether the assembly has any oil leakage, water leakage, air leakage, or leakage. Adjust and repair.
  4. Adjust and tighten the connecting bolts of various parts;
  5. Adjust and correct each safety position.

Cranes with a storage period of more than three months shall carry out an empty operation every three months, each operation shall not exceed one hour, and be cleaned and maintained. For cranes with a storage period of more than one and a half years, the aging seals should be replaced.

Check the wear of the crane slides every six months and adjust or replace them if necessary.

According to the changes of seasons and temperatures, the lubricating oil in the engine, transmission splitter, steering gear, hoisting mechanism reducer, and slewing gear reducer is replaced as required, and the cleaning and cooling system is dismantled and the proportion of battery electrolyte is adjusted.