Safety Detection of Truck Crane Luffing Mechanism

Chinese small cranes rely on the luffing mechanism to support the boom and then control the landing of the boom to different amplitudes. Whether the luffing mechanism is in normal operation will directly affect the running condition of the crane, so it needs to be checked regularly. The following is an introduction to the inspection project:

1. Check whether there is oil leakage in hydraulic cylinder of the truck crane luffing mechanism.

2. Check whether there is vibration and noise when crane luffing mechanism works.

3. Check whether the axle pin of crane luffing hydraulic cylinder has serious wear and damage.

4. Check whether there is creeping phenomenon in the hydraulic cylinder of crane with load and variable amplitude.

5. Whether there is oil leakage in the valve body of crane balance valve and whether there is pulsation when working.

6. Check whether the crane hose is deformed, twisted and aged, and whether the tubing and joint are reliable.