Safety Inspection Contents of Chinese Truck Crane Leg Mechanism

Safety overhaul and main maintenance and inspection items of leg support mechanism of Chinese small truck crane are as follows:

1. Natural Retraction of Lifting Hydraulic Cylinder in Lifting Operation

2. Natural Settlement in Driving

3. Is there loosening of pipe joint and oil leakage in each part?

4. Noise or vibration

5. Is the function of hydraulic lock good?

6. Whether the outriggers are deformed or damaged

7. Are there any deformations, cracks or damages in each part of the outrigger box, movable outrigger and outrigger telescopic hydraulic cylinder?

8. No damage to the fixed pin and pin sleeve of the movable leg

9. Noise and Vibration

10. Is there loosening of the connection between tubing and hose and aging of hose?

11. Oil leak or not

12. Is Hydraulic Lock Function Good and Effective

13. Is there loosening of pipe joint and oil leakage?

14. Whether there are scratches and deformations in the appearance of the level gauge

15. Is the installation reliable?

16. Observing Bubble State