Slewing Mechanism of Truck Crane

The rotary mechanism consists of a hydraulic motor, a planetary gear reducer, a brake, a drive gear, and a slewing ring.

The method of operation is as follows:
Push the handle forward: Rotate the crane to the right
Pull the handle back: Rotate the crane to the left
Stop: Return the joystick to its neutral position and stop the rotation

The brake of this mechanism is a normally-closed disc brake. When the rotary mechanism is operated, the hydraulic system can ensure that the brake is properly opened and closed. The speed of the swing motion can be adjusted by changing the angle of the left joystick and adjusting the engine throttle.


1) Slewing operations should be carried out smoothly. Rapid operation or rapid commutation is dangerous and must be prohibited.

2) When turning, the rear view will be greatly influenced. Therefore, people and obstacles in the vicinity must be paid close attention to, and the speakers can be honking to attract people’s attention and ensure the safety of the work.

3) In order to work safety, the user needs to check the slewing ring bolts after 100 hours of initial use. The tightening torque is 900 N.m. Then after 500 hours of work, do the above inspection and tightening, and then perform the above inspection and tightening every 1000 hours of operation.