Small Truck Mounted Crane Security Matters at Work 2

(6) Please do not work in front of the vehicle. Heavy objects can cause the vehicle to lean forward, causing personal accidents and vehicle damage.

(7) When the crane is rotating, the heavy object is required to rotate at a low speed as low as possible from the ground. Otherwise, a rollover accident may occur due to centripetal force.


When carrying out lifting work, please master the standard load. Overloading can cause the crane to tip over or be damaged and the resulting casualties.

(8) Be extra cautious when doing underground work.

  • When the hook is lowered, the rope on the reel must be wrapped around at least three turns. Otherwise, the wire rope will come off the reel.
  • The first layer of the wire rope should be evenly distributed, otherwise the winding will not be uniform in the future, so please wrap it slowly and evenly.

(9) Operators must concentrate on their work.

  • Operators are not allowed to leave during work.
  • It is strictly forbidden to have distractions and chatter during the operation, because it will cause safety accidents due to the sloppy operators.
  • The operator should not leave the crane in the condition of lifting the goods.

(10) In the operation, except for the related staff, other people are not allowed to enter the work area. Please use the siren to make other people leave the work area, so as to prevent the crane and cargo from causing harm to others.


In the scope of work, especially under the goods, people must be prohibited from passing, and people may be injured or even killed due to the falling of the goods.