Small Truck Mounted Crane Security Matters at Work 3

(11) Make sure the hook is fixed and the PTO disconnected while the vehicle is moving.

  • When the hook is not fixed and the car is moved, the shaking of the vehicle will cause the hook and the lifting arm to shake, and the hook and boom will be damaged due to the collision.
  • If the vehicle is driven without disconnecting the PTO, the service life of the oil pump will be shortened. The rapid start of the crane will cause damage to the vehicle and the risk of overturning.

(12) Do not arbitrarily adjust or disassemble the hydraulic system. An accident may occur due to assembly errors. If there is any problem, please contact our service department in time to resolve it as soon as possible.

(13) Please observe the inspection items before work, and make regular inspection to prevent accidents.

(14) It is dangerous to carry out the work around the wire, and various measures should be taken.

  • In order to prevent electricity, the surrounding environment should be sorted well.
  • Operators should wear protective equipment for insulation.
  • Monitor their work by the monitor.
  • Prevent the boom, hook and wire rope from being electrocuted by contact with the wire.


Please try to avoid working around the wire as much as possible, especially in the vicinity of the high voltage line.

(15) Please do not do your work when the wind speed is more than 10 m/s or in thunder. If the cargo falls due to the strong wind, the crane will be damaged. The thunder will cause damage to the equipment or electric shock.