Solution to Crane Throttle Failure

1. The crane engine speed is constant at 1000

At this time, it shows that there is a problem with the pedal of the accelerator. The connection of the pedal is excluded. After confirming that the line is correct, it can be judged that the pedal is broken.

2. Crane throttle switch broken

Whether or not the switch is pressed, it always shows that the accelerator is working. [The engine speed is 600-2300r/min], at which time the circuit and switch need to be checked.

3. Crane throttle switch stuck

That is to say, whether or not the switch is operated, it always shows that the on-board throttle is in effect. [Engine speed is 850-1900 r/min], the inspection process is the same as the second case.

4. Failure of accelerator pedal of crane

If the throttle switch is normal, the speed rises to 850 r/min after closing, and stepping on the throttle pedal does not work. At this time, it is necessary to check the pedal circuit. If the wiring is correct, the pedal is broken.