Steel Material for FOTON 12 Ton Crane Arm

The 12-ton crane boom is usually made of manganese steel, which is a kind of high-strength steel. It is mainly used to withstand severe working conditions such as impact, extrusion, material wear and tear. The main form of damage is wear and tear, and part of it is broken and deformed.

1. Selection of Steel
BS700mck2 and 960E of Baosteel are selected for crane boom steel. Compared with traditional steel, this kind of steel greatly improves yield strength, and has good ductility, cold bending, weldability and impact resistance.

2. Steel Cutting
The steel cutting of the boom will affect the later welding. Advanced numerical control plasma flame cutting equipment (flame cutting thickness 25-60 mm) is used to cut more precisely and ensure the accuracy of blanking.

3. Steel leveling
Thirteen-roll leveller is used to leveling the blanking forming sheet to make the sheet smoother.

4. Groove Processing
Welding groove can increase the welding surface area of sheet metal, and the quality of groove processing directly affects the welding quality.

5. Bending
The multi-edged arm and U-arm are bended by bending machine to increase the bearing strength of the arm. With 1200 tons – 12 meters large CNC bending machine, it can process longer boom while ensuring better bending effect.

6. Integral Welding
The portal longitudinal beam welding and cutting machine is used to ensure the welding quality by making the welding seam neat and smooth.

7. Strengthening the Welding of Structural Parts
All kinds of structural joints are welded by robots to ensure that the welded parts are not welded.

8. Fine Welding of Reinforcement and Structural Parts

9. Boring and washing drilling
The NC boring and washing processing center is adopted to increase the processing accuracy and ensure that the lifting arm fits perfectly with other workpieces when mounted.

10. Grinding and Slag Removal
After welding, the surface of weld seam is carefully polished and slag removed to ensure the evenness of later painting.

11. Painting
Painting is not just about dressing your arms. Crane spraying alone requires four layers of paint – electrophoresis layer, midway layer, color layer and varnish layer. The technology of “three coatings and one baking” was adopted, that is, on the basis of electrophoresis layer, continuous spraying of paint, paint and varnish, and then a drying process was carried out.

This not only makes the arm more beautiful and lasts longer, but also the paint surface is not easy to be scratched by flying sand and rubble.
Details determine quality, and there are almost strict quality requirements for each processing process. From the purchase of crane boom steel to the 11 processes of painting off-line, each process will affect the performance of the crane.