Technical Essentials for Crane Swing Operation

  1. Before the truck crane is rotated, the working environment should be checked to make sure that there are no persons or obstacles in the turning radius of the frame and the tail of the turntable, and there are no overhead conductors in the turning space of the boom.
  2. The crane’s turning area is related to the number of supporting legs. Four supporting legs are allowed to operate only in the side and rear areas of the crane. Five supporting legs can work in front of the crane. All road cranes and tires can work within 360 degrees.
  3. Before the lifted object turns to the designated position, it is necessary to grasp the rotation inertia, retrieve the rotation handle slowly in advance so that the object slowly stops turning, and avoid sudden braking, causing the object to sway.
  4. If the lifting object of the crane is heavy, the working condition of each supporting leg should be checked first, after confirming that there is no fault or hidden danger, the crane can be lifted, and it must rotate slowly. The two sides of the object should be tied with a traction rope to control the stability.