The 12 Tons Truck Crane Lifting Capacity

There are some differences in the lifting weight of 12-ton crane due to different manufacturers and specific conditions.

Generally, a 12-ton crane can lift up to 12 tons of cargo, depending on the site and construction environment, there are many factors affecting it.

1-12 tons crane brand: such as XCMG, Sany and Zoomlion, etc.

2-12 tons crane: Home-made crane.
Homemade crane: As its name implies, it is self-developed and its performance is no worse than that of automobile chassis, but the only defect is that it can’t go on the road.

3-Car crane: Tang Jun, Fukuda chassis, Kaima chassis, Dongfeng chassis.
Car crane: The chassis adopts professional car crane chassis, which can be listed on the road without fear of being checked, because we are a household car.

Method of judging crane quality:

To identify the manufacturing quality of cranes, special instruments and equipment are needed to test the quality of cranes, which are not available to ordinary users. Purchase some big brand cranes according to national standards, if it is automobile cranes, such as Xugong, Sany Heavy Industry and Zoomlion, etc.

The tonnage of the crane is related to the arm length. The tonnage of the crane is actually calculated according to the moment, which is the product of weight and vertical distance. The closer the crane is, the more the crane is.

The general crane can withstand the moment is determined as A cow rice, A = M*L
M is the weight of lifting, and L is the distance from the fulcrum of the crane to the weight. A is certain. The smaller the M, the farther it is.

The truck crane is a kind of crane mounted on the chassis of ordinary or special trucks. Its driving cab is separated from the crane control cab. The advantages of this kind of crane are good maneuverability and quick transfer. The disadvantage is that when working, you have to support your legs, not be able to drive under load, and not suitable for working in soft or muddy fields.
Features: Convenient and flexible, high efficiency, fast transfer, improve work efficiency.