The 12 Tons Truck Crane’s PTO and Hydraulic Oil Transmission

Before connecting the PTO, the shut-off valve of the hydraulic tank must opened firstly.

The function of the PTO and oil pump transmission device is to transmit the power of the engine to the oil pump to obtain high-pressure oil and distribute it to the working mechanisms of the crane to perform.

The integration and separation of the PTO is achieved by manipulating the gearbox power switch located above the cab dashboard. When engaging, you must first depress the clutch pedal and press the top of the rocker switch.

At this time, the indicator light is on, the PTO is engaged, the clutch pedal is released, the oil pump begins to work, and the clutch pedal must be depressed before disengaging. Off the bottom, at this time, the indicator light is off, the PTO is separated, power is cut off, and the oil pump stops working.

Please check the following tips when engaging and separated PTO.

1) The clutch should be pressed and released slowly.

2)After the PTO is engaged, the accelerator pedal of the cab is not allowed to control the engine speed. At this time, the engine speed can be controlled by the accelerator lever next to the outrigger control valve or the accelerator pedal in the control room.

3)During driving, if you press the rocker switch by mistake, you should press the clutch pedal and then press the rocker switch, otherwise it will be very dangerous.