The Characteristics of The Running-in Period of The Truck Mounted Crane

1. The wear speed of the parts is fast.
It is easy to cause wear and tear of parts and components (especially fitting surface) in the running-in period of the truck mounted crane, and wear speed is fast. In this case, overloading may cause damage to the parts, causing early failure of the on-board crane.

2. Leakage phenomena such as oil leakage or water seepage occurred with truck mounted crane.
Due to the loosening of the parts of the crane, vibration and the influence of heat on the machine, leakage is easy to occur in the sealing surface and pipe joint of the crane.

3. Loosening of the spare parts of the on-board crane.
There is a deviation of geometric shape and matching dimension in the parts and components of on-board crane, which are affected by various factors such as vibration, shock, deformation, heat and so on in the initial stage of operation of on-board crane. It is easy to loosen the original fastened parts.

4. The operator made more mistakes in the operation of the truck mounted crane.
Due to the lack of understanding of the structure and performance of the crane (especially the new operator of the crane), it is easy to cause the malfunction or even the mechanical accident of the crane due to the misoperation of the crane.

5. Bad Lubrication between parts and components of truck mounted crane.
It is difficult to guarantee the uniformity of the matching parts because of the small fit gap of the newly assembled parts of the on-board crane, which reduces the lubrication efficiency and results in the early abnormal wear and tear of the parts of the on-board crane. When the wear is serious, it will result in precise matching scratches or occlusal on the friction surface, which will lead to the failure of the car crane.