The Difference between Single Pump and Double Pump in XCMG Truck-mounted Crane/ Lorry Crane

Introduction: According to statistics, the market share of XCMG truck mounted crane is 70%. At present, XCMG truck mounted crane has entered the M era from the K era. By 2019, the G series products will be put into the market. I believe that the most familiar products are XCMG lorry crane K series products (as shown above). Today, we will introduce the M series products, i.e. double pump extended arm crane. Here, we will introduce the single pump and the long arm crane from several aspects. Differentiation of double pump:

I- Structural differences

The oil pump is the power source of the crane on the truck, responsible for converting the force on the PTO device into hydraulic power. The double pump crane on the truck is equivalent to two single pumps, which has faster conversion speed, more power, larger hydraulic flow and smoother lifting.

II- Configuration differences

1. Taking XCMG 12ton truck mounted crane as an example, the XCMG truck mounted crane with single pump is the basic arm, the crane model is KSQS300-4, the crane with double pump is the extended arm, and the crane model is MSQS300-4.

2. The working radius of the single pump is 12.5 meters, the lifting height is 14.5 meters, the working radius of the extended arm of the double pump is 14.1 meters, and the lifting height is 16 meters. The difference between the basic arm of the single pump and the extended arm of the double pump is 1.5 meters (as shown above).

3. The flow rate of single-pump hydraulic system is 63L/min, and that of double-pump hydraulic system is 100L/min.

4. The volume of single-pump hydraulic tank is 160L, and that of double-pump hydraulic tank is 260 L.

III. Contrast of Advantages

1. Extend further, the boom of double pump is 1.5 meters longer than that of single pump, which can be lifted at a longer distance and has a wider scope of operation.

2. Save time, double pump crane operation valve can operate crane leg at the same time, can save 20% of the operation time, improve work efficiency;

3. Faster speed, large oil supply of double pump crane, smoother operation, faster lifting speed, saving time and 10% of vehicle cost;

IV. Common misunderstandings

1. XCMG truck mounted crane truck mounted crane is divided into 2 tons to 16 tons, not all models can choose double pump, XCMG crane can be equipped with double pump tonnage of 8 tons to 16 tons;

2. Not all tonnages of XCMG8-16 ton crane can choose single-pump and double-pump. XCMG8-14 ton crane can choose single-pump and double-pump. XCMG 16 ton truck mounted crane has only one configuration and standard double-pump.

3. Not all double-connected pumps are equipped with lengthened booms. The length of the booms of XCMG14-ton truck mounted crane is the same as that of the double-connected pumps, which are 15.8 meters.

4. Not all operation valves of double pump boom can be operated at the same time. The operation valves of control leg can be operated at the same time. The operation valves of high altitude operation table can not be operated at the same time. In order to prolong the service life of boom and hydraulic system, single operation is recommended.

Summarize: Through the above introduction, do you have a deeper understanding of single and double pump of crane?