The Difference between Truck Crane and Tower Crane

The difference between crane and tower crane is as follows:

1. Tower crane:

A tower crane with a high fuselage can be raised indefinitely according to the tonnage size. The main work is to build high-rise buildings such as bridges, pillars and pipes. The lifting weight of the tower is between 1 ton and 80 tons, depending on the tonnage size and working condition distance.

Tower crane classification: Tower crane is divided into four types: internal climbing type, independent type, external attachment type and intermediate type.

2. Truck Crane:

Widely used in ports, workshops, construction sites and other lifting and handling machinery. Types of cranes:

A. Movable type: automobile crane, crawler crane, walking crane, etc.

B. Fixed type: wharf crane, tower crane, gantry crane, etc. The name of crane is a unified title. Frequently called cranes are mainly truck cranes and caterpillar cranes. The use of cranes is related to hoisting equipment, emergency, lifting, machinery and rescue.

Tower crane classification:

1. Tower head tower crane;

2. Flat-headed tower crane;

3. Construction hoist;

4. Boom tower crane, according to model: 315, 40, 63, 80, etc.