The Hazard of Excessive Oil Temperature of 12 Tons Truck Crane

Analysis of the problem of 12 tons crane oil rising, diluting or excessive oil temperature:

(1) Lubrication system problems.
If the indication value of the oil thermometer deviates, the oil thermometer should be replaced.
It is found that the oil pump is damaged, and new parts need to be repaired or replaced immediately.

(2) Cooling system problems.
If it is found that the machine lacks coolant or its water temperature is abnormal, it should be troubleshooted.

(3) incorrect use, maintenance and maintenance.
It is found that the bearing is damaged and new matching parts need to be replaced.

(4) Coolant leaks into oil.
If the oil cooler core is a problem, it should be repaired or replaced.

(5) Problems in the fuel supply system.
If the diesel engine leaks oil, so that the injector can not play a better atomization effect, need to be repaired or replaced immediately;