The Lorry Crane’s Steering Wheel Maintaince

As a very important control part of the whole vehicle, the steering wheel of the truck mounted crane is related to many aspects, and the faults in many places can also be shown by the steering wheel. So carefully observe and feel the steering wheel, you can find some faults of the lorry crane in advance.

If the steering wheel shakes strongly when driving at medium speed or above, the chassis makes periodic abnormal noise, it is likely that the balance of the directional transmission device is damaged, and the transmission shaft and its spline shaft and spline sleeve may be excessively worn.

When steering, it feels heavy and laborious. It may be that the rolling bearings of all parts of the steering system are too tight, the bearings are poorly lubricated, and the ball joints of the steering tie rods are too tight or lack of oil. In addition, insufficient air pressure of the front tires may also cause this situation.

It is difficult to control the steering wheel. When driving or braking, the direction of the vehicle will automatically turn to one side of the road, which may be caused by the inconsistent specifications or air pressure of the front wheels on both sides. This may also be caused by the unequal inclination of the front wheels on both sides, the inconsistent clearance of the front wheel bearings or the too large wheelbase difference.

The whole vehicle has a sense of drift, which is often caused by the front wheel swinging during driving.