The Method of Eliminating the Noise of Diesel Engine With Crane

I. Engine gear train noise.
1. The tension of V-belt on gear train is not enough;
2. V-belt slipping;
3. V-belt back turning;
4. Gear train mechanism noise.
Exclusion method:
1. Check and adjust the tightness of the engine wheel belt;
2. V-belt shall not be polluted by oil;
3. Replace worn V-belts if necessary;
4. Check the generator and air conditioning compressor for faults.

II. Engine support noise.
1. The engine support bolt is separated from the nut, and the rubber support is damaged or lost;
2. The engine support was not installed or the bolts and nuts were not tightened when the truck crane and engine were repaired.
Troubleshooting: if the engine support is lost or damaged, replace the engine rubber support and install the bolts and nuts. Learn from the experience, and check the rubber support when hearing similar noise in the future.

III. Fan noise.
Cause: damaged fan or damaged fan drive motor.
Exclusion method:
1. Find out the cause of fan damage, eliminate the abnormal phenomenon and replace the fan;
2. Replace the fan;
3. If the radiator is damaged, maintain the radiator; if the radiator leaks water, temporarily find a way to block it; if necessary, replace the radiator and tighten the fixing bolts of the radiator.

IV. Pump noise.
1. The water pump bearing is damaged;
2. Water seal of water pump is damaged;
3. Foreign matter stuck in the water pump.
Troubleshooting: first check the water pump, and replace the water pump assembly when confirming the water pump fault. Then check whether there is any foreign matter in the cooling system, and clean the cooling system if necessary to make the cooling system flow smoothly.