The Reasons of Truck Mounted Crane’s Boom Shaking

It is easy to shake when the boom of the truck crane is extended and retracted, especially when the boom is fully extended or the luffing up reaches the highest position and the boom is retracted or the luffing down is performed.

Several reasons and solutions for the shaking of crane boom when it is retracted.

The damping hole of balance valve is blocked.
Troubleshooting: Disassemble and clean the balance valve and dredge the damping hole.

There is low liquid level in the air hydraulic tank or leakage in the hydraulic circuit in the hydraulic cylinder.
Troubleshooting: Find out the fault point of air in the hydraulic circuit, repair and exhaust the air in the hydraulic circuit.

Excessive friction during boom extension.
Troubleshooting: Replace the sliding block with wear exceeding the specified value, adjust the clearance between the boom and the sliding block to make it meet the specified value.

Poor lubrication of boom slide block and slide way if the nylon slide block and slide way installed inside the boom are not well lubricated, it will also cause boom stretching and shaking.
Troubleshooting: Regularly check the lubrication of sliding block and slideway, and apply lubricating grease in time to reduce the expansion resistance and prevent the boom.