The Truck Mounted Crane Operators’ Responsibilities 

1. Know your truck crane very well, you must know his functions and limitations, and some of its special operating characteristics.

2. It should be fully familiar with the contents specified in the operating manual for the truck-mounted crane.

3. Should be fully familiar with the lifting diagram of the truck crane. You must understand the meaning of all signs and warnings. It is necessary to be able to calculate or determine the actual lifting capacity of the truck-mounted crane.

4. According to the manufacturer’s requirements, regular inspection and maintenance of truck-mounted lifting transport.

5. Do a good job of transporting the truck with the lifting load and record it in the log.

6. Find the load, install the lock, and figure out where the load is placed. Although the operator is not responsible for determining the weight of the load, if he does not verify the weight with the supervisor, he is responsible for the truck-mounted lifting and all its consequences.

7. Consider all factors that may affect the lifting capacity of the truck , and adjust the weight of the lifting according to this.

8. Know how to equip the basic procedures of the rigging on the load and ensure that it is implemented in the specific operation.

9. Maintain good communication with the singler.

10. Smooth and safe operation with truck lifting and transportation.

11. When the vehicle is transported without lifting, it should be stopped and operated correctly.