Transportation and Storage of Truck Cranes

Transportation and storage

Mode of Transportation and Precautions

Cranes can use their own power to drive on highways, and they can use trains and other transportation tools to transport cranes over long distances.

In the carriage and transportation, slanting wood is used to hold the front and rear wheels in four rounds, the crane is fixed by ropes, the doors and windows are locked, and the necessary rainproof measures are adopted.

Storage Conditions and Precautions during Storage

When the crane is in a non-applicable state for a long period of time (more than half a year), it should take some storage measures.

a. Wipe away dust and oil from the body to keep the body clean;

b. Retract all piston rods of each cylinder to the shortest position;

c. Adequately set the tire pressure and lift it up with wooden blocks to keep the tire off the ground.

d. Remove the battery and store it in a dry and ventilated place, and periodically charge it;

e. All exposed processing surfaces are greased to prevent rust;

f. Remove dust from the wire rope and reapply ZG-3 calcium-based graphite grease;

g. The crane should be placed in the warehouse. If it is placed in the open air, it should be covered with waterproof cloth.

During the rainy season, inspections should be strengthened to prevent rain rust. Winter freeze protection.

h. Start once a month, and idle the agencies to observe whether it is normal;

i. There should be someone who is responsible for the integrity of the crane and can be put into use at any time if necessary.