Trouble of 12 Ton Crane PTO

Trouble manifestation of 12 ton crane power take off:

1. The four bolts for fixing the inner shell have not been fixed and loosened, and have not been installed properly.

2. The abnormal operation is stuck, and the bearing of the dynamometer is damaged.

3. The spring supported by the sliding sleeve is damaged.

4. Failure to hang the crotch or take force to cause air leakage is the loosening of the hexagonal screw fastening the piston and the damage of the 0-ring of the piston.

5. If you can’t hang up the gear, you can’t take the force. The anti-loosening screw of the fine teeth on the supporting surface is loose.

6. The pressure difference between cylinders in the middle position of air leakage is abnormal, and the air leakage of cylinders causes the power take-up to be out of gear.

7 The input bearing cover is broken.

8. The bottom plate was not fixed properly and the shell was loose.

9. The screw of the drive shaft is loose and loose, which causes the lift pump of the take-off pump to be small.