Truck crane hydraulic oil replacement methods

1. When the crane is in the parking state, first discharge the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic oil tank, and clean the fuel tank, remove the oil tank outlet flange and clean the replacement filter, then discharge the oil in the oil outlet, and press the oil pipes on the fuel tank. The original location is installed.

2. Add the new hydraulic oil of the matching model to the hydraulic tank and start to put down the hydraulic oil in the cylinders of the car. Unload the lower valve return pipe (Note: the connection pipe between the lower valve and the fuel tank) into the waste oil drum, then start the engine to let the oil pump work, and start to operate the lower valve horizontally out of the leg. At this time, the waste oil will be returned from the oil return pipe. Flowing out. The cylinder must be stretched out and the waste oil can be discharged.

3. Connect the oil return pipe, level off the car, start to put the waste oil in the car cylinder, remove the oil return pipe of the arm cylinder, and operate the luffing cylinder to lift the boom. At this time, the waste oil will be lifted from the cylinder. The oil return port flows out, and the oil tank is discharged, and the waste oil is discharged.

4. Install the tubing freshly. Start the oil draining of the arm cylinder, use the same method to remove the oil return pipe of the arm cylinder, start to extend the arm, extend the arm all the way, the waste oil is discharged, and then install it, the whole car oil change is completed.