Truck Crane Hydraulic Oil Replacement

Replacement of hydraulic oil:

① Pressurized oil should be sampled regularly. For normal use products, sample every three months. For products that work frequently and in harsh environments, sample once a month. The test items and limit indicators should meet the requirements of Table 16-1.

② Hydraulic oils of different types and grades must not be mixed.

③ Oil change procedure

a. First replace the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic tank. Remove the hydraulic oil from the tank and remove the total return line. Strictly clean the tank and filter.

Can be cleaned with a chemical cleaning agent with a solid particle contamination level of no more than 18/15. After cleaning and drying, flush with a new hydraulic fluid with a solid particle contamination level of no more than 18/15.

Then flush the oil and add new hydraulic oil.

b. Start the engine, run it at a low speed, start the oil pump, operate each mechanism separately, and use the new hydraulic oil to discharge the old oil of each circuit of the system one by one.

The old oil that is discharged cannot flow into the oil tank until the new oil in the total oil return pipe flows out, that is, it stops The oil pump rotates.

While changing oil in each circuit, pay attention to constantly adding new hydraulic oil to the hydraulic oil tank to prevent the oil pump from emptying.

c. Connect the total return line to the tank and place the components in the initial working state. Fill the tank with hydraulic fluid to the specified level.