Truck-Mounted Crane Operation Form

There are three common operating forms of truck mounted crane, which are lower operation, middle operation and upper operation.

Lower operation needs to stand on the ground operation with truck mounted crane, the advantage is safe, do not need to climb high, the disadvantage is that the line of sight is limited.

The middle operation is slightly higher than the lower operation. In the middle position from the roof of the vehicle, the biggest advantage is that the crane can be operated by sitting.

The upper operating safety seat has exceeded the roof of the vehicle, can be fully rotated 360 degrees, wide line of sight, no dead ends.

Remind everyone that under 8 tons of truck cranes can generally meet the daily needs, and more than 80% of the truck cranes in the market are also operated.

The 10-ton truck-mounted crane can be selected in the form of medium operation. For truck-mounted cranes with a large tonnage of more than 12 tons, it is necessary to choose the operation.