Types of Truck Cranes

Cranes are generally divided into three categories:

1. Crawler cranes, which are mainly used in engineering or construction sites, are not allowed to travel on roads. The advantage is that they are usually of large tonnage.

2. Truck crane, also known as truck crane, can be used on the road or in engineering.

3. There are also tyre cranes, which are generally used in wharf or warehouse applications.

If from the crane point of view, the current market is common:
Cranes can be divided into mobile cranes, tower cranes and mast cranes according to their lifting properties.

According to the structure form, cranes are mainly divided into light and small lifting equipment, bridge type (bridge type, gantry crane), boom type (self-propelled, tower type, portal type, railway type, floating boat type, mast type crane), cable type.