Usage and Maintenance of Crane Wire Rope

1. Always check the wear of the wire rope. If damage is found, it should be replaced in time.

Also refer to the following points:
a. The number of broken wires in a pitch range reaches or exceeds 10% of the total number of wires (excluding filler wires).
b. The diameter wear value exceeds 7% of the nominal diameter.
c. Kink.
d. Significant deformation (such as the sinking of the rope strands, the steel wire protruding), severe corrosion.

2. Use qualified products to ensure that their mechanical properties and specifications meet the design requirements.

3. Ensure a sufficient safety factor, and if necessary, do force calculation before use, and do not use scrap wire rope.

4. In use, avoid the intersection of the two steel ropes and the pressure of the stacking to prevent knotting, twisting, excessive bending and scratching.

5. Care should be taken to reduce the number of bending of the wire rope and try to avoid reverse bending;

6. Do not drag in unclean places to prevent damage to the wire rope caused by external factors, etc., to reduce the performance of the wire rope.

7. Keep the surface of the wire rope clean and well lubricated, and strengthen the maintenance and maintenance of the wire rope.