Using Skills of Lorry Crane

Truck mounted crane is a kind of equipment which can lift, rotate and lift goods through hydraulic lifting and expansion system. It is usually assembled on truck. It is widely used in municipal construction, coal mine engineering, landscaping and so on. Because of its wide application, it is trusted by many users.

Today’s tips are mainly about how to connect the rope clips of the truck crane. The inner clear distance of U-ring used by many lorry crane is larger than the diameter of steel wire rope. Some skills are as follows:

1- The rope clamp shall be close to the ferrule as much as possible, and it must be ensured that the rope clamp is tightened correctly, and the rope head shall be bound with fine wire. In this way, it can be faster and more convenient to work with the truck crane.

2- The direction of the rope clamp on the same wire rope shall be the same, that is to say, the U-shaped part is in contact with the rope head, and the clamp base is in contact with the main rope.

3- When the rope clamp is attached to the truck crane, the bolt must be tightened until the steel wire rope is flattened, and the rope clamp nut shall be further tightened to ensure the connection of the joint is firm.

4- In order to check whether the joint is secure and whether the steel wire rope is sliding, and set out a “safety bend” at the rope head. If the “safety bend” is straightened during the use process, it is proved that the steel wire rope at the joint is sliding, then measures must be taken immediately to prevent accidents.

Now with the truck crane in our life has been very common, but some of the details of knowledge is still a lot of people do not know, everyone to learn it.