Working Features of The Truck Mounted Crane

1. The truck mounted crane usually has a large structure and more complex mechanism, can complete a lifting movement, one or more horizontal movements.

2. The truck mounted crane can lift a variety of heavy objects, the load is variable.

3. Most lifting machinery, need to operate in a larger range.

4. Some lifting machines (such as construction lifts, etc.) need to be carried directly on rails, platforms or wire ropes (such as elevators, lifting platforms, passenger overhead ropeways, etc.), whose reliability directly affects personal safety.

5. Exposed to various parts of the activity, and often direct contact with the operator (such as hooks, wire ropes, etc.), many potential accidental risk factors.

6. The operating environment is complex. From large-scale iron and steel joint enterprises to modern ports, construction sites, railway hubs, tourist resorts, there are lifting machinery in operation; Environmental risk factors such as high temperature, high pressure, flammability and explosion are often encountered in the workplace, which threaten the equipment and operators.

7. Many people are often required to cooperate with each other to carry out a common operation in the operation of the truck mounted crane. Command, binding, driving and other personnel required to cooperate skillfully, coordinated movements, care for each other.